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29 Days to a Happier You

29 Days to a Happier You — Teleclass

Learn the Secrets to Happiness and Success —
It’s easier than you think!

How happy are you? Could you be happier? Of course you could!

Are you living the life you’ve dreamed of, but something is still missing?

Or maybe you’re not living your ideal life. You can still be happier, each and every day. No matter what your situation, happiness is within your reach.

And happiness begets success!

Did you know there are simple, scientifically proven strategies (no, no drugs!) to boost your happiness and sense of well-being, not to mention your success? Research into the psychology of happiness, emotional awareness, the effects of meditation on the brain and body, and the structure of luck, shows that you can quickly and easily improve the quality of your life. But it’s fragmented into hundreds, maybe thousands, of different books, articles and websites.

You could find all this information yourself, but why bother? Do you have that much time? I’ve gathered much of the best of the current research in one place.

I’m offering a proven teleclass, based in solid scientific research into meditation, luck, happiness, and emotional awareness, which boosts your happiness level, along with your success, by giving you simple, easy tools and strategies. This is groundbreaking – no one else puts all these things together in one place. There will be some lecture, especially in the first session, to explain the framework for the class, some guided meditations, some group discussion, homework (about 30 – 40 enjoyable minutes daily — and you may already be doing some or much of it), and questionnaires.

I offered this class once before, and the results were astounding! For the 12 people who attended the final class, there was a significant increase in reported happiness, which is almost impossible to do with a small number of participants. The average increase was more than one and a half points (or 23% of the beginning happiness level) on a ten-point scale. (Results calculated using a single-tailed paired t test with p<.03.)

Here’s what recent participants said:

..if you want more happiness in your life, check out this class!

Dar B.

I am MUCH more able to deal with an enormous amount of chaos and *life* with tons more balance and perspective… I know the class helped shift me to an entirely new way of being that has greatly improved my capacity to live in more joy… Each day I have chosen to put the exercises into effect, I have had an *immediate* positive shift. It’s quite incredible.

Again – the class works and so does the approach. Very powerful stuff. Thank you!

Cara J.
Marketing exec.

Overall, the class has had a significant and lasting impact. [I am…]

– more aware as I’m listening to other people’s mental patterns and underlying beliefs about happiness.

– staying attuned to my own natural content self and the belief that it is easy and natural to be happy.

– choosing happiness. When a bad mood looms, seeing it, feeling whatever distress I’m feeling, and that choosing what to do with it.

Carolyn B.
PR firm owner

The details:

When: Check back for dates! All classes at 6PM Pacific Time, which is 9PM Eastern Time, for 45 – 60 minutes each.

Where: Wherever you are, by long-distance telephone. However, you must not be driving a car, as it would be too dangerous to take part in the guided meditations.

Cost: How much would you be willing to pay to be happier for the rest of your life? $10,000? 100,000? $1,000,000?

To sign up an/or find out more: Contact Hollis Polk at hollis@888-4-hollis.com, or by calling 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547).

Please join me for a fun, life-changing journey to happily ever after!