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Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

I got this because I love her stand-up comedy, enjoy ‘My Life on the D-List’, and figured it would be good light reading. And it is — it’s fun, although you can skip the first three chapters, which were so boring I almost quit reading. (Sorry, Kathy — and I know you’re reading this, because you google yourself obsessively every day.)

The reason I’m writing about it here, though, is because there’s a deeper message. Kathy describes very bluntly and clearly how show business works, and how deeply and completely committed you have to be to succeed, even when you’re talented. She had plastic surgery to succeed (as did Lisa Kudrow, apparently). She reinvented herself many times. She paid for her own billboard in Hollywood in her campaign to win an Emmy. The list goes on from there.

This would be a great book to give a star struck teenager (Kathy’s pretty blunt, it’s definitely PG-13) so the teen knows what show biz is really like, and can decide if it’s really for him/her.

But you should read it, too — you’ll find yourself laughing, and really liking Steve Wozniak.

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