How to Get Through a Divorce Well | Hollis Polk

Getting Through a Divorce

Getting through a divorce is tough– even when it’s cooperative, which it rarely is. You never know what’s coming next – and that’’s scary. You may feel your life is out of control –– because it is, for now. You may be wondering:

•    * How is my soon-to-be-ex going to act in the negotiations? Is he
going to lie or hide assets?
•    * How do I deal with my STBX’s lies?
•    * Are we going to have to go to court?
•    * Is my attorney going to fight for me?
•    * Am I going to make it financially?
•    * Will I be able to stay in my home?
•    * What is my life going to look like?
•    * How will this affect the kids?
•    * What is the family’s life going to look like?
•    * How do I deal with family gatherings?
•    * How do I tell people?
•    * Will I ever have another partner?
The good news is –there is help! As an accurate psychic, I can see you clearly, and then, through you, see how others in your life are likely to act and react.

The future is a set of probabilities, not a fixed series of events, so there are things you can do to affect what happens. As I see what is most likely, I’ll recommend things to do. Some of them might changes in your own beliefs and attitudes, like gaining the ability to stay calm in the face of provocation. (Yes, I can teach you simple techniques to do this.) Others might be actions you can take, like telling your attorney all of your suspicions.

Each person, each marriage, each family, each divorce is different. For help which is specific to your situation, call me now at 888-4-HOLLIS (888-446-5547).

Getting through your divorce might be easier than you think!