How to Know when a Relationship is Over | Hollis Polk

How to Know When a Relationship is Over

Sometimes it’’s easy to tell when a relationship is over – you find that your significant other has been carrying on a long term affair, for example. (Who wants to be in a relationship with someone who’d rather be with someone else?)

Or maybe he’’s becoming abusive, and you need to end the relationship to take care of yourself. (Abuse never gets better on its own, without intervention, it only gets worse.)

Or he dumps you.

But other times it’s hard to know when a relationship is over – maybe you have a subtle sense that things are not what they used to be, or maybe an intuition that things are ‘off’. Is the relationship over? Or not? Is it you? Or is it him?

As a psychic, I can ‘read’ you, and then read your significant other, and see whether or not you are compatible, both in the short run and the long run. Why waste your time with him if it won’’t work out in the long run? I can answer your questions:

•    * Is he cheating?
•    * Does he want to make it work?
•    * Is there more I can do to make it work? And if there, is,
what is that?
•    * What’’s getting in the way of the relationship working?
•    * Am I ruining my life by ending it? Am I ruining my life by

Each person, each relationship is different. For help which is specific to your situation, call me now at 888-4-HOLLIS (888-446-5547). You’ll end the call feeling much more clear about your situation, which will provide some relief.