More from Mt. Shasta

Monday night, it was a few degrees warmer, and I had an extra pair of socks on. So mostly I was warm enough to concentrate.

Things blink on and off in the sky. They move and then change direction abruptly. Satellites can’t do that. And one of the volunteers has a satellite chart, so we know when one of the ‘fastwalkers’ in the sky is man-made.

Other lights seem to disappear into Mt. Shasta, the outline of which you can see, despite it being the dark of the moon. Or colored lights appear in the trees, and just stay, or blink on and off. Remember, we are up on a mountain, at the end of a dirt road in a national forest, miles from anywhere, so these are NOT house lights, or car lights. In the center of our circle, were wavy lines that kept changing, someone else said they looked like something was boiling, and that’s a good way to put it. Oh, did I mention how much fun it is to be with people, a few of whom ‘see’ more than I do?

The really amazing thing was a rose quartz crystal that Steve Greer passed around. When I held it in my hands, I could feel a vibration running up my left arm through my heart and down my right arm. The crystal was much warmer than it had any right to be at 40 degrees outside. Perhaps that was just he warmth from people’s hands? Other people said it was warm, or cold on one side and warm on the other. People’s reports of how heavy it was varied as well.

At the end of the evening, we walked up into a grove of trees, and did a standing meditation in a circle, holding hands. I don’t remember why, but Steve pulled the crystal from his pocket (it had been in a pocket over his heart), and looked at it. He sank to the ground and said ‘oh my god, it’s spinning off worlds and galaxies!” So we rushed around him. I was standing right behind him, and got a good look at it over his shoulder. With my eyes, no psychic anything involved, you could see points of colored light floating off the crystal sphere. Some were individual, some were in groups, one group seemed to rotate — it was like looking at the Milky Way, if it were rotating! Lots of us saw this, and one guy with night vision goggles saw it through those. NO making this up.

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