One reader’s experience with Flickr divination

Originally, he wrote:

“I have been wanting to know what to do about my job and future employment so I put in Job and employment and got things like wow I got it and my job sucks and various things that indicated I shouldn’t be working and to the right an advertisement from the Greek National tourist organization advertising of all things Greece. [His ancestry is Greek – Ed.]

Ironically enough I would like my future to be financially secure to live life leisurely. Seems the above indicates that’s what I should be doing too.

I put in “when” and the first picture I was of a fortune from a fortune cookie that said “when you are doing the right thing”. I believe I am doing the right things so I did not ask further on that.

So then I put in where is the money coming from and it gave me a variety of things not all relevant to money but 2 indicated the name of one of my guardian angels who has sent me good things before. SOOOO cool.

Then, of course me be the patient person I am, (NOT), I typed in when is the money coming and one of the pictures has a note next to it that said day 214 Which is the julian date for August 1st and further down a picture of a graduation tassel highlighting the year 2008.”

I did wonder if ‘day 214’ was 214 days from when he did the divination…

Today I received the following email:

“Oh well. I am still here and not lying on the beautiful beaches of Greece. August 1st did not bring me a fortune. I may go back and ask what is the right thing now.”

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