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Online Intuition Development Classes

I’m committed to helping people develop their own psychic abilities. Everyone has some intuitive, or psychic, abilities. It is normal to get “psychic information” beyond what you can perceive through your five senses. That information is always available to everyone. But few people pay attention to it.

Allow it, practice it, get feedback.

My Psychic Training program helps you tune into your psychic abilities so that you can get clear access to the information that’s out there. You learn how to focus your abilities and how to understand and interpret the information you receive. Most important, you learn to see clearly and make better decisions in every aspect of your life. It’s easy and it’s fun. It works for anyone.

The format typically is a 10-week series of tele-classes offered in the evenings, or two intensive weekend sessions.

The classes are experiential. I begin with an exercise designed to get you to notice how much they can actually pick up from someone’s name simply by paying attention, then move on to using your body to pick up information through physical rapport. Through another set of exercises, you identify your unique method of using the clairsenses to gather information, and begin to use these clairsenses to get information for your fellow students. Later, you learn to use your own body to access information for yourself using ideomotor finger signals. You also learn to use symbols to get information for yourself and others.

One of the major topics we discuss is how language affects the mind and the perception of reality.

Throughout the workshop, participants share their own experiences, which I believe is crucial for learning.

For more information on my psychic classes and workshops, a free psychic reading, a chakra reading, or more information about my services please call me at 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547) or email me at