Patience, impatience, dread and time travel

Lately my guides have been giving my information about the structure and/or meaning of various emotions.

For example, impatience is really about projecting yourself into the future, when you expect something good to happen. People often say to themselves, “I’m being patient, I’m being patient” while practically vibrating with it, meaning that they are still focusing on the future, just accepting that it’s not here yet. And for those of us who are psychic/highly intuitive, it is practically an occupational hazard.

Dread is really the same thing as impatience, except that you are expecting something bad.

True patience is really being in the present.

So here’s what i haven’t figured out yet:

If I see something bad coming, I know that I can prepare for it. And I can certainly change myself in the present, which will often change that future. But can I project part of myself into the future to change it? (Kind of like Marty in “Back to the Future”?) And if so, how? I mean, if reality is really an infinite present, an infinite now, shouldn’t that be possible?

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