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About Hollis

I was a pretty “normal” child. A little precocious intellectually, but on the whole an ordinary kid. Winnie the Pooh, building blocks, Barbies – the usual stuff. After I gave up walking on stilts & figure skating, I embarked on 18 years of training in the world of rational thought. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard.

Career-wise, I headed into business and did very well — computer consulting for one of the premier accounting firms in the country; management of a major retail company; real estate; and restaurant management. I put my analytical skills to work every day puzzling through complicated problems. But I knew there was more than rational thought.

I tuned into my psychic abilities and learned how to use them more effectively, first at Heartsong School of Expanded Perception, where I developed my clairvoyance (the ability to see psychically) and clairaudience (the ability to hear psychically). Over the years, I have studied with many talented healers and teachers. I’ve also read widely across the spectrum of philosophy, healing, personality, addiction, spirituality, and alternative paths. For my recommended reading list, please click here.

I learned NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to help understand and work with my clients. I find it incredibly useful in helping people make the changes they want, quickly and permanently, and create lives they love.

Then one day, as a facilitator for Integral Transformative Practice, I looked around at 35 people that I’d managed to put into a deep hypnotic trance, and thought, “I’d better be responsible about this, and learn hypnosis”, so I became a hypnotherapist. Although I rarely do a formal hypnotic induction, I am very aware of when my clients (over the phone, in the middle of a psychic reading) are in a light hypnotic trance, and understand that means they are very open. I’m careful not to ‘program’ them.

(Most other psychics, who don’t have this training, are not aware of their clients openness, and have unintentionally hurt them. I know, because I have ‘fixed’ a number of dangerous psychic readings from other psychics, often years later, when the client is in a lot of emotional pain.)

Now I offer intuition development classes in person and telephone intuition development classes.

Contact me for a free 3 minute psychic reading by calling me at 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547), or by emailing me at hollis@888-4-hollis.com.