Reading and Writing

I read a lot. Really a lot. Usually at least one book a week, often two — and I’ve done that for most of my life. When I was a kid, my dad used to refer to me affectionately as Connie, the Constant Reader (he inculcated the habit in me). I’ve even been known to read while walking. It was a big relief that at Harvard Business School, other people were doing that, too — I was no longer the only one!

I’ve been wanting to share the really good books with you — the ‘keepers’, the ones that either make a big impression on me, or the ones that I know I’ll be referring back to with some regularity. Now Amazon has made that easy! I can’t promise that I’ll have a book of the week, or even a book of the month, because I read a lot I can’t strongly recommend. I do have a backlog, though, so there may be more than I think…

As an aside —

I credit reading with any writing ability I have — William Goldman (author of The Princess Bride, Marathon Man, and many others) taught me to write. I was captivated by his first book, Boys and Girls Together, which my dad shared with me when I was probably way too young for him to have done that, maybe 13. So I searched out other books Goldman had written, and loved that he told stories not in any fancy language, but as if he were literally talking to me. (The Princess Bride is really amazing for this. Although the movie depicts the fantastic story-within-a-story very colorfully, it pretty much leaves out the real world part, which was my favorite part. If you loved the movie, you should still read the book.) Adventures in the Screen Trade and Which Lie Did I Tell? are two more ‘write as you’d speak’ books.

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