Reality Creation for the Not-So-Dumb

A couple of weeks ago, in a meditation, I actually ‘saw’ how physical reality is created!

Today, I’m going to describe what I saw, doing my best to explain it without the diagrams and scientific backup that it truly needs. I’m doing the ‘short version’ because this information really wants to be out there — I don’t seem to be able to write about anything else. I intend to do this in greater detail (and more accurately!) in the future, so if you have questions, please send them along, I’ll try to answer them, and use them to help guide version 2. Okay, here goes:

All of physical reality, at its heart, is electromagnetic, from the smallest sub-atomic particles, to atoms, molecules, cellular structures (like DNA and cell walls), cells, organs, bodies, etc. One part of the electromagnetic spectrum, physical light, has been shown to behave variously like waves and particles, depending on the situation. Apparently, by itself, electromagnetic radiation behaves as waves, but an observer can interact with them to create particles (the simplest versions of physical things), which is to say that the observer, the human consciousness is creating reality through just the interaction of observation. Let’s assume that other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum work the same way.

Do you remember the concept of a ‘standing wave’ from high school physics? A standing wave is created by the interaction of 2 or more waves (which have to move constantly, that’s what waves do), which combine in such a way as to make it look like there is wave that is standing still — the standing wave.

Quick seeming-change-of-subject: imagine that non-physical reality is the ocean. Imagine that anything above the surface of the ocean is physical reality.

Our consciousness interacts with electromagnetic, non-physical reality to make standing waves that get so big, in some sense, that they pierce the surface of the ocean, and create physical reality.

In order to create a standing wave, you have to focus on the same intentions, clearly, constantly and without any competing focuses. Think of it this way:

Waves are additive. If you have a standard sine wave (again, remember high school trigonometry? Even vaguely?), and a second one that is identical (e.g. two identical thoughts), then the resulting wave has the same length (and frequency), but twice the amplitude, that is, it’s twice as big. If you have ten waves that are identical (e.g. ten identical thoughts), the resulting wave is ten times as big. This is why affirmations work. It’s why getting others to pray for you works.

If you have a standard sine wave, and then you have another sine wave that is 180 degrees out of phase, but otherwise identical, that is, one goes up exactly opposite to the amount the other goes down, and in the same timing, they cancel each other out. Nothing happens at all.

But there can be any number of combinations of waves, and some of them make pretty funky combinations, with pieces chopped off the top, or every wave looking different. This what normally happens — how we normally create, which is why physical reality is kind of messy.

So if each thought is an electromagnetic wave, you have to be very careful not only of what your intentions are, but also of all your thoughts, even your wonderings, random musings and creeping doubts — because you want the pure standing wave of your clear intention to breach the surface of the ocean of non-physical reality, like an island rising up from the sea floor.

Emotions matter, too, because they send out waves. Emotions are created in response to beliefs, which are generally a type of thought that lies beneath the surface of our conscious awareness, which is part of the non-physical reality sea.

Maybe you remember harmonic resonance, too? You know, where a tuning fork that plays a particular note (i.e. vibrates at a specific frequency), and you put another tuning fork which is crafted for the same frequency right next to it, and it begins to vibrate, even though you never tap it on anything to make it vibrate. It just vibrates because its vibrations match that of the first fork. The Law of Attraction is just harmonic resonance!

Further, what really powers these standing waves, what increases their amplitude (how tall they are) is emotion. The folks from “The Secret” and lots of other people talk about how emotion powers intention, but I suspect it’s not any sort of emotion, but rather a very specific, non-attached heart coherence — more about that another time