The Rose Quartz Sphere, Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, in the restaurant room where we were meeting, Steve passed the rose quartz sphere around the group again. When it got to me, it said immediately that it had a message for me, and then it showed my an array of crystals. But since there was a group discussion going on, I couldn’t get any more.

So at the break, I asked Steve if I could borrow the crystal and meditate with it. He agreed, and so I spend the second half of the afternoon session with the crystal instead of the group. First it showed me the crystal array that it wants me to build, though actually, it’s going to look like a necklace. I think it will be some sort of communication device, like the crystal sphere itself. Then i held it over different chakras for healing, including the back of my 3rd eye, and it did some work opening my 3rd eye, which I’ve wanted.

Then it wanted me to take it outside! So of course I did, partly because I couldn’t figure out how to walk back into this big circle of people an hour late, and not feel stupid (Steve tends to ridicule people who show up late, and I really wanted to avoid that. Plus there was no way to get in without walking through the middle of the circle.)

WOW! Grass glowed, trees glowed. Something said that there is no blade of grass that does not matter. And I got that this crystal sphere was associated with what Steve would call God-consciousness beings. Then wind began to play in a spruce tree, and the sphere said to me, “What you see as the wind in a tree, we see as the interaction of conscious beings”, and very briefly, I saw it that way. Then the crystal wanted me to hold it in my left hand and touch things with my right. So I began with a leaf, then a flower, then another leaf on another plant, then a rock, then a spruce branch, then a feather, and on and on and on. I could feel a different tone with each item I touched, a different vibration in a different part of my body. The crystal said “We are attuning to Earth.”

Hollis Polk is a personal coach (, who has been helping people create lives they love for 15 years, using neurolinguistic & hypnotherapy techniques, decision science, clairvoyance & the common sense learned in 20+ years of business. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist & has a BSE in engineering from Princeton & a Harvard MBA. She is also a successful real estate broker, investor & business owner.