Your body is trying to tell you something!

Have you ever had a sore throat that just wouldn’t go away? A tennis elbow? Or some other chronic physical concern? Maybe your body is trying to tell you something deeper about what is going on. After all, mindbody is one system, and so your body expresses what is going on at an emotional level, especially if you are not consciously aware of your feelings.

I used to have sore throats all the time; in fact, a sore throat was how I knew an episode of my CFDIS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome) was imminent. I eventually learned that a sore throat was caused, on a very real if non-physical level, by something I wasn’t saying. The words were literally sticking in my throat and making it sore. So I began to ask myself, “what am I not saying? And to whom?” When I figured out the answer to those two questions, and did something about it (either saying what I needed to say to the appropriate person, or at least imagining myself doing that), then the sore throat went away in a matter of minutes! In fact, I began to head off the worst episodes of CFIDS with this technique — I’d either stop them in their tracks or make them pretty mild and short-lived.

This is true for sudden, one off issues, too. If you’ve ever broken an ankle, for instance, you’ll probably realize that, at that time, you had an issue around moving forward and/or your direction in life. Think back to any serious medical issues you’ve ever had, or that anyone close to you has ever had, and you’ll see this sort of parallel.

So if something is not working right in your body, ask yourself what deeper issue it might represent. Think about ‘organ language’, which is the use of body parts or functions in everyday language, and see what turns up. So if you have, say, a cough, and the words, “cough it up” come to mind, ask yourself what you need to ‘cough up’ or let go of. Answer that question, and then let go — and see if the cough goes away on its own.

Here’s another resource: Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, has a terrific directory for this. The directory lists body parts, as well as dis-eases, along with potential meanings for them and possible affirmations to use to heal them. In my experience of using this directory with friends and clients over the years, the meanings are very good clues to what is going on at a deeper level, while the affirmations really need to be tailored to the individual.

Hollis Polk is a personal coach (, who has been helping people create lives they love for 15 years, using neurolinguistic & hypnotherapy techniques, decision science, clairvoyance & the common sense learned in 20+ years of business. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist & has a BSE in engineering from Princeton & a Harvard MBA. She is also a successful real estate broker, investor & business owner.